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16795 Torrence Ave, Lansing, IL

Additional Party Options

Concession Tickets

$20 each (15 concession tickets)

Indoor Inflatable Party

Climbing Wall

$3 Per Child

Powder Pucker

$45 for 25 Servings

We will reserve the powder pucker machine for your party room so the party kids can make their own powder pucker tubes.

9D Virtual Reality Movie Ride

Prepare for revolutionary, next-generation 9-Dimensional cinema rides that offer a remarkably intense 

and extreme experience.

$5 Per Child

Our 9D Virtual Reality Interactive Movie Ride takes the short movie experience a step further with its interactive attraction. Read on for more about the short (5-15 minutes) and thrilling rides.

  • Kids: a wander through the world of dinosaurs, an adventure with bugs, a trip under the sea, Jetpack Adventures, and more
  • Horror: stroll down the Bloody Road, walk down a frightening dock, or check in with a mummy
  • Rollercoaster rides: helicopter journeys, cruises in a jeep, and of course, rollercoasters
  • Everything else: space rides, racing rides, and scuba rides